A versatile OAuth2 authorization server and Traefik middleware for Kubernetes and Docker.

Own your user data. Prevent vendor lock-in.

Fried Egg

What does Uitsmijter do?

Uitsmijter is a collection of Kubernetes middlewares and custom resources which allow you to provide access control to your services. Uitsmijter acts as the Single sign-on (SSO) orchestrator for all of your resources.

With a single login, you can protect static resources and websites via Uitsmijter's interceptor mode and more advanced services or single page applications (SPAs) via Uitsmijter's OAuth interface.

You stay in control of your data as Uitsmijter does not make you migrate your user data to any cloud provider or specific database. This makes Uitsmijter an ideal candidate for microservices and migration projects.

Why should I use Uitsmijter?

We are working with a lot of companies outgrowing their monolithic application landscape. Migrating user data away to a cloud provider in exchange for getting the desired authentication and authorisation interfaces is often either a legal challenge or requires a lot of changes to the existing applications.

Uitsmijter provides a simple and fast way to implement SSO among your application landscape without losing ownership of your user data. No matter if you are growing your company or are just getting started and want to keep authentication as a separate concern, Uitsmijter is the right tool to assist you in your SSO needs!

Rebuild with modern teams in mind

Uitsmijter has been written from the ground up to combine the needs of modern, self-organized teams with the thoroughness of enterprise security.

The separation of tenants and clients at namespace level allows fine-grained authorization to be given to developer teams without violating company-wide security policies.
From the first line of code, Uitsmijter implements the idea that teams must be able to connect new applications to a SSO in a self-managed way.

What's with the name?

The name Uitsmijter refers both to a delicious dish and the act of being rejected or "forcefully thrown out", which makes it an ideal name for any authentication system. Also makes it easy to google if you've practiced typing it a couple of times ;-)


Check out documentation for a full list of features.


A single Uitsmijter handles multiple logical tenants within your organisation. Want to have different login backends and pages for different parts of your organisation, e.g. split between internal and external users? Uitsmijter's got you covered!

Login screen of different applications
Feature Documentation Community Enterprise
OAuth 2.0 RFC 6749
Single-Sign On SSO
Bearer Token Support RFC 6750
JSON Web Token JWT
Authorization Code Grant Types
Refresh Token Grant Types
Implicit Grant Flow Grant Types
Proof Key for Code Exchange PKCE
Interceptor for Traefik Interceptor
Customised HTML Customisation
Scalability and high availability Clustering
ECMA-Script Providers Providers
Python Providers Providers
Interceptor Metering
Multifactor Authorisation
Extended Support Support

Check out documentation for a detailed explanation.

  • Fast implementation
  • Easy migration of legacy applications
  • Reliability
  • OAuth2 compability
  • Fast response times
  • Low memory and CPU consumption
  • Written in a modern and secure programming language

$ helm repo add uitsmijter https://charts.uitsmijter.io/
$ helm repo update
$ helm install uitsmijter -f values.yaml uitsmijter/uitsmijter


Want to know more?

Read the docs

How can Uitsmijter be useful for me?

Migration from a monolith

Refactoring legacy software systems

Uitsmijter offers a solution that makes migrations secure, well-planned, agile, and, most importantly, enjoyable for developers and project owners. Its transparent and intelligent approach makes it a standout choice for navigating the complexities of transformations.

Start fresh development

Best choice for shiny new services

Uitsmijter offers a straightforward and speedy method for implementing Single Sign-On across your applications, with easy configuration of various user stores for various needs and environments, all managed as infrastructure as code.

For agile teams

A modern approach to authentication

Uitsmijter, from the outset, enables self-organized teams to connect applications to a SSO system independently, while still complying with company-wide security policies. This streamlined approach promotes efficient development and robust security measures.

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